A beyond infinite FORCE can be accessed if you are willing

The Holocaust

How can I begin to reflect upon the concept of endlessness without spiralling into an abyss…

Getting through barriers in relationships

A Microcosm of US Society

A cage of darkness

My soul is parched from the heat of passions so sublime

They rage, dark and light, in a commingled combat fiercely hellish

While on your bosom rests tenderly this temple to which none can climb

And as I…

Love one another — it’s time!

I am a scientist, specifically…

When I was a child, I enjoyed the most fundamental math of addition as represented in joining board games, being selected for pickup basketball, and becoming a new member of a lecture class.

As I became older, addition’s corollary math of multiplication became much more prominent as manifested in the…

The Greatness of His Love for Us

What have we to gain?

Just give me your permission

Lucian Lucia

A lifelong seeker of the Truth

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