An Old Commandment

Love one another — it’s time!

As the Christian and secular worlds prepare to celebrate Christmas, let us think of what its central figure preached: “Love one another.” What does this imperative statement mean? If we can begin to dissect its meaning, we will unleash the omnipotent Force behind the Universe.

I am a scientist, specifically a chemist; however, I know for a fact that biology is the central science, meaning the forces involved, the universal constants, the physical boundaries, each and every one were all DESIGNED to support human life. Thus, we are the pinnacle of the things in the Universe, but fail to recognize our importance. This finding is not an accident and we therefore bear a huge responsibility in our Universe. We must care for everything, especially the care of one another.

What exactly will we unleash when we dissect the meaning of the imperative statement? As a scientist, I have studied, measured, and written about forces and energies in our world. Yet, NONE of them compare to the limitless power felt between people who seek to love one another. The Force behind the Universe is rooted in this experience. Nothing counter to it, death, darkness, disease, destruction, or dilemma can exist when it is brought into being. But to bring it into being, we must love one another.

Isn’t it time especially as we celebrate the meaning of Christmas?

In the beauty of this time, we can find the meaning of the Universe if we look with eyes of love.

A lifelong seeker of the Truth

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Lucian Lucia

Lucian Lucia

A lifelong seeker of the Truth

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