Cutting Edge Science — Part 1

Part 1 Thesis: Where did society begin?

A good portion of the global society expresses belief in a higher order Form responsible for the generation of our world. If we suspend our opinion(s) and accept this belief, let us borrow a statement from a powerful and likely earliest historical text to frame our essay’s thesis (“where did society begin?”):

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form.”

Within this text, humans initiated a journey of self-discovery from the very small to the very large…from our atoms to our galaxies! We began to investigate the world around us because of an implicit understanding that it could make sense because of this outside Force/boundary conditions. In other words, it was made with intelligence, to be understandable, governed by specific forces, and acting in a way that could be investigated an explored.

Humans leveraged divinity and its derivatives therefore to sculpt the fundamentals of a holistic and organized society. We went from a horde of disorganized and individual-driven components to a more structured and integrated system. Unwittingly, the science of system-driven approaches began.

Let us understand one aspect of our evolution. If you look at the four symbols below, we see that “Creation”, what we are opening this essay with, is a very defined set of points, lines, and angles. “Terra” or Earth has one line (a diameter) for a circle with inset arcs or chords. Life and Death come from Terra as either a cup (Life) to receive or Death, an inversion of the cup to pour out. Life/Death are essentially the same “construct” but inverted. However, notice that the angular sharpness of Creation (or its thought) gives way to more fluidity or curves that lose precision and sharpness. Even in life and death, we start to see displacements that are much more difficult to measure in precise ways. For example, the relationship of a the diameter component in “Terra” to its periphery is π, a value that is imprecise or irrational in its valuation (3.14159…). This is the relationship of Life to Death here on Terra. If we go back to Creation, the sharpness/precision of it are much more pronounced and “linear”. Society is “colored” with “curves” and “irrationality” that we must consider as we evolve toward a more integrated and holistic structure.

We will continue to consider our development in the second essay of this series.

A lifelong seeker of the Truth