Don’t be afraid

A beyond infinite FORCE can be accessed if you are willing

In today’s “hot” climate, hatred in the form of partisan / tribalistic politics and cultures of hate abound. We are facing an existential threat without precedent in the history of humanity. Yes, we have had MANY crises of a similar nature, but not of the magnitude that imperils us NOW. We see many responding from fear, hatred, jealousy, ignorance, and in general, from spaces in our collective animal nature that lead to suffering of untold orders of magnitude. We witness many people whose states of mental health have completely deteriorated and many others who are surrendering to the collective negative responses.

I have only one response: for those who wish to seek love in the midst of such animus, a FORCE is manifested the power of which is beyond measurement. This FORCE is unaccessible to those who seek hate. It has no resemblance to hate. This is a FORCE the likes of which has no similitude to anything smacking of ignorance, hatred, or sadness. In this FORCE is life, true life, a boundless life whose influence is beyond the limits of physical measurement.

If we can even use the term “infinite” it is not enough to describe this FORCE. I promise those who read this essay and absorb its concepts internally while seeking the part of them containing hidden TRUTH, they can access this FORCE and through the extent of their search, change their nature to one of love and in so doing eliminate pain and suffering. Why not? Take a chance and seek it. Prove me right.

We can measure the forces of the natural world, but there is a FORCE within we cannot because the amplitude of this forces is off the charts. Find it.

A lifelong seeker of the Truth

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Lucian Lucia

Lucian Lucia

A lifelong seeker of the Truth

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