Higher and Higher

Lucian Lucia
4 min readNov 11, 2020

by Rav Michael Laitman

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I once wrote Together Forever: The Story About the Magician who Didn’t Want to Be Alone, which talks exactly about this. The magician was lonely and decided to make a friend. He tried to make a friend out of stone, out of a flower, a dog, out of something that is on an inanimate, vegetative, or animate level, but he realized that it was impossible. After all, there is no independent being who would stand against the Creator.

And then He decided to create a man with a great desire to enjoy, who will be opposite to the Creator, disagree with Him, resist, and even get angry and hate Him.

All this egoism must exist in our foundation so that we can feel, understand, and connect with the Creator through it. A person must necessarily combine two opposites: darkness and light, good and evil.

But the evil must appear before man wants to separate from it, to rise above his nature. This is why preparing for the creation of a human being is such a complex and lengthy process. It was necessary to create something opposite to the Creator, the desire to enjoy that gradually develops with the help of light, connecting and separating from it, that is, it works with two desires: reception and bestowal.

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This is how the Creator prepares the creation: by building and breaking it, building and breaking again. And because He built and broke all the degrees, all the worlds up to the world of infinity, He prepared all the states one against the other so that man could live among them and rise above both good and evil, as it is said: “And you will be like angels, knowing good and evil.” And this is the point from which the creation begins, the commonly shared quality of love and unity.

We can say that the long preparation for the creation to begin to correct itself and reveal its true state has ended in our days, during our lifetimes. We are the first group that is trying to stay on the right path to the goal. All the necessary preparations have already been made to begin the ascent to the spiritual degree called faith above reason.

We want to rise from our own understanding to the understanding of the Creator, which is called faith. Our own opinion is called knowledge, reason. Each step begins with darkness, with what my nature requires, but I strive for the understanding of the Creator, and therefore I must rise every time. I do not act or think the way I want to think or behave, but I do what the Creator wants me to do.

The Creator is a property of love and bestowal, and if I fulfill His desire, I build a spiritual structure, a Partzuf, a system of connection between myself and the Creator through the group, the ten, and all of humanity.

I do not think about or ask for myself, only for others, so that they do not forget about the goal, do not stray away from it. I invest in them with all of my mind and heart to bring them closer to the Creator, and in doing so, I become His partner. I feel care and concern for all of humanity, bringing it closer to the Creator.

Gradually, every person in the world will discover that they must work this way. After all, if everyone takes care of others instead of themselves, then we will move from the path of suffering to the path of Torah, the path of light, and get rid of the coronavirus and all other problems. If we start thinking about unification, the world will get better by itself. We only need to correct our thoughts, and “everything will be resolved in thought.”

This will bring all the forces of nature that are now deliberately confusing our lives into balance, as if shuffling cards. Everything depends on our desire on the human level, the highest level of this world.

We will feel our true human powers as well as everything that is still concealed from us in the universe: black holes, dark matter, and all the forces that were active prior to the creation of the world and brought it into existence. That is, we will begin to enter creation and feel where we are. This is not a fantasy but real science, the science of Kabbalah.

And it all starts with the fact that everyone thinks not about themselves but about their friends, about everyone, and thus advances to the highest degree. Coming out of oneself is already entering the Creator because He is beyond our egoistic thoughts and desires. Faith above reason is the way to reach the next spiritual degree, advancing higher and higher.