HOPE: Hell — Only Perceived Evil

Darkness is not real, a fact attested by the presence of light.

The state of hell has been talked and written about since the dawn of humanity. We begrudgingly acknowledge it, even in lip service, as a big part of life and death because of what we all experience. Those who don’t believe in a spiritual space called hell use the term to describe a miserable life as expressed in, “I’m living in hell.” Those who have religion believe in a space where evil resides as captured in the place called the “Underworld”. Why do we anyway acknowledge hell? I believe the psychological basis is to provide a logical way to explain the existence of evil. How can evil and its myriad manifestations such as chaos, disorganization, and mischief exist in our lives otherwise? In other words, hell is our way to describe suffering or hopelessness and where it is born. Yet, what if we are all wrong? What if hell is only a useful tool for organizing humanity? In other words, what if hell is human-made such as daylight savings or a Grimm story such as werewolves? Such a revolutionary idea seems contrary to what we read about everyday as evidenced in the unraveling of the social fabric (click ).

How can people be so cruel, malicious, or otherwise inhumane if there is NO hell? Well, let’s take a step back. To the very beginning. If we look deeply into life and the universe, we see that everything has a very systematic construction, beauty, elegance, purposeful existence, and intelligent design. In other words, everything appears poised to work perfectly and smoothly. An embryo lives in a blissful state of complete care and protection. Everything in the world appears to have health, function, prosperity, and happiness built into it. Is this only an illusory existence that conceals the existence of evil or some kind of corruption or chancre? I, as one voice in this world, say no. Life is built to enjoy the fruit of our universe in every possible way.

Even science teaches us the the values of the universal physical constants are designed within extremely small windows such that, inexplicably, they ensure the continuation of life. To reconcile such a wonderful fact with “hell” does not seem possible. Yet, my best and greatest friends and several of the greatest thinkers in society cannot accept or reconcile the co-existence of harmony and dissonance coming from the same source. But what if dissonance is only an illusion? What if harmony is at the very center of dissonance, being concealed by it? Could it be that everything we are seeing is NOT the full picture? If you judge a fruit by its very earliest development, you would say it is ugly, bitter, or malformed. However, give it time and it becomes beautiful, luscious, and sweet. In a similar way, everything we consider as evil is only an early manifestation of our development.

If we can only see “evil” as our prelude to perfection, we can subscribe fully to HOPE, Hell — Only Perceived Evil; the truth is that life is good and evil is a thin veil that has sheaths good so that we feel the good even more strongly. Evil is the top most sheen that reflects internal corruption, the egoistic drive, and domination over everything, like a child who wants all the toys for himself. But humanity is destined to break out of this hold of ego over itself, and recognize the benefit of others is as important to them as their own. The question is: how do we get there? I believe if we can rise above time constraints, we would see everything as perfection, but this requires a lot of work. Many of the wisest people who have ever lived and achieved a glimpse of the eternal teach us that there is only light. If there is only light, can darkness ever be real?

Allow me say the following for emphasis: I am a photophysicist by many years of training. I have on many occasions counted particles of light (photons), but at no time, ever, on any occasion, have I been able to count particles of darkness. They are not real, they do not and cannot exist.

On occasion, we believe we witness evil / darkness, but it cannot be so because of love / light. When love manifests itself to the discerning eye, there is ONLY peace. Darkness cannot extinguish the light of love. Love illuminates and binds everything in its warm embrace.



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