Reflections from a Beam of Light — 2/13/2022

In-fighting among people, groups, and nations abound. The world foments vociferously as Russia descends upon Ukraine, as the US devolves into tribalism, and as individual rights supersede those of the community. How will all of these events end? If history is our guide, to a complete disruption of our lives in every conceivable way. We will be confused, angry, divided, perhaps we will escalate to physical conflicts, yes, any animalistic/limbic impulse you can imagine, it will blossom. Even today and I am no exception, our lives have been tossed topsy-turvy by the vitriolic discourse emerging from the rank and file, the lifeblood of any society.

We have all bought in to the power struggles among the bourgeoisie, to borrow Marx’s phraseology, that, unfortunately, in no way helps us, its “proletariat” class (working). We become pawns when we fail to wake up and recognize that NO ONE is right when DIVISION is the end goal. No matter the cause, Ukrainian independence, tribalistic righteousness, or self-determinism, everyone loses when we fail to appreciate how extreme differences can lead us to harmony. For example, in nature, an atom is made of two completely opposite charges which under the dictates of the strong nuclear force (one of the four fundamental forces in the Universe) work harmoniously. Even as different from each other as we may appear to be, we can broker harmony by simply acknowledging these differences and exploiting how they can lead to good for everyone.

We will always have class struggles and there will always be a rich and powerful group who will wish to divide us, but we must recognize these machinations for what they are, and unite under the strong Force to achieve peace.

It is time, right?



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