Blessed Be His Name

In the Beginning, when He was and is and will be, Blessed Be His Name, there was a Thought. This Thought was complementary to His Essence. He is Absolute Good and in Him there is Only Good. He was not lack, is not lack, and will never lack; from abundance, He made absence, from riches, He made poverty, from light, He made darkness. His Wisdom is justified in the architecture of His design where His Everlasting Glory may be seen. His Thought was to Make a Being that would be His Partner. The Maker did not Think to make a foot soldier, a slave, or a Being inferior to Him. His Only Thought was to make a Being that would be in every way similar to Him, have all of His Qualities, Blessed Be His Holy Name. The Greatness of His Love prevented Him from making anything less. How could He deny What He is? So, He proceeded to construct a Being that through the mysterious lens of mortality could begin the work to complement this Relationship. In the Infinite Sublimity of His Thought, it was done while the Being asked Him to learn how to ascend the Ladder to Him because this was the Only Way. The Equivalence which was known required the Being acquire deficiency, poverty, and darkness. Although these qualities in Truth cannot exist, they were instituted in His Thought as a Means to Qualify the Free Expression of this Being. How could the Infinite establish a complementary Relationship if the Being did not Willfully accept it? What is Love if it is not mutual? Within Eternity where time does not exist, He created the Being and imbued it with free expression so that it would find Him in its existential quest. However, the Greatness of the Creator was such that He Himself was within this Absence, this Poverty, and this Darkness. His Qualities would allow no Less. In Everything He was and is and will be. There is NOTHING that moves without it asking Him to move. And this movement is born of Love because in Giving Everything of Himself to His Being, there was only ONE law — the Law of loving one another because this is all of Truth. Everything else is a means to come to this Truth. And when the Being comes to this Truth, it becomes, of its own free will, ONE with Him who is King of Endless Glory. Amen.

A lifelong seeker of the Truth