The Nature of God

The Greatness of His Love for Us

I was watching a video of a man who took care of a beautiful and sweet blind white squirrel. The pains he took to ensure its comfort, warmth, and sense of love were breathtaking. In my mind, I could not help but think of the Being Who made everything. All I could see was how much more this Being has done, is doing, and will do for us. For in His Thought of Creation, He did not make us to be subject to pain, disease, and death. No, this Being made us to be exactly like Him, who is the incomprehensible perfection that is ONLY good.

Can you imagine?

This is the Being that made everything! The infinity within the vast expanse of the Universe and that within the infinitesimal spaces of the atom. This is the nature of Love. In order for it to be realized, it must equalize. Yet, it is even possible to imagine that Love itself is subservient to that which it Loves.

Yes, when Love comes into a space, it lifts everything up above itself, just like the man who was taking care of his blind squirrel. He spent all of his extra time taking care of every need it had. Although it is NOT possible for us to become the Infinite Will to Bestow (Blessed be His Name now and forever), He will help us to adopt this very Nature by accepting Everything He gives us in His Blessed Name.

In this way, there will be no more pain, no more tears, no more sadness, no more sorrow, and no more death. Because these things CANNOT exist in the Presence of Love. They absolutely cannot. They have NO power whatsoever over it. In fact, if you can accept it, they DO NOT exist for in the Infinity of the Kingdom of the Creator, nothing can have sovereignty other than His eternal GOOD.

A lifelong seeker of the Truth

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Lucian Lucia

Lucian Lucia

A lifelong seeker of the Truth

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